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Watch the simpsons season 23 episode 10 online politically inept, with homer simpson. The simpsons explore the tragic past of santas little helper when he bites marge. Watch all 22 the simpsons episodes from season 25,view pictures, get episode information and more. Recap of the simpsons season 25 episode 10 recap guide. Episode 7 yellow subterfuge episode 8 white christmas blues episode 9 steal this episode. Burns hires frank grimes the human interest subject of kent brockmans report as executive vice president at the springfield nuclear power plant. Really the only reason i bought this episode is the episode oh the places youll doh this is my all time favorite and i can watch it over and over. The comic book guy falls for a japanese woman whos into manga, but homers advice and. The 25 best simpsons episodes you should choochoochoose. The simpsons season 14 episode 10 watch online msn. The simpsons complete season ten boxset was released.

Watch the simpsons season 25 episode 7 online yellow subterfuge. Theyre called superoos, son, with pictures of the cast of the expendables. With just one 20 minute episode, the simpsons packs in all the pathos and joy of a classic comingofage movie. Season 25 premiered on september 29, 20 and ended on may 18, 2014. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast.

Current episode aired 10 may 2020 the hateful eightyearolds. Our players are mobile html5 friendly, responsive with chromecast support. You will watch the simpsons season 25 episode 10 online for free episodes with hq high quality. Homer, will you take me to buy a comic book tuesday at midnight. Notably, this is the only season of the simpsons to premiere in the month of august.

Celebrate the simpsons silver anniversary with the recordannihilating 25th season of the simpsons. Every time the simpsons guessed the future in 30year run. During this the town episode, bart is found cheering for a football team based in boston, which happens to be springfields rival team. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. However, to say that simpsons episodes produced after this point were bad television just wouldnt be true. Marge encourages homer to embrace his youonlyliveonce aka yolo spirit by inviting his old pen pal, eduardo hank. Stream cartoons the simpsons s25e10 married to the blob. Homer lands his own political talk show and becomes the spokesperson for the gravy movement. The thirtieth season of the animated television series the simpsons premiered on fox in the united states on september 30, 2018, and ended on may 12, 2019. The simpsons season 25 episode 1 homerland episode 2 treehouse of horror xxiv episode 3 four. Married to the blob is the tenth episode of the 25th season of the american animated sitcom the simpsons, and the 540th episode of the series.

Comic book guy realizes his comics are nothing if he. Al jean, executive producer of the simpsons, has said he views the two additional seasons as a beginning and that it is a goal to complete thirty seasons by the end of the decade. Al jean returns as showrunner, a position he has held since the thirteenth season. Every episode of the simpsons season 125 page 10 show list info the simpsons, the animated sitcom created by matt groening, has basically won every award, broke every record, changed tv, changed comedy, changed language they coined meh among others was a.

Married to the blob is the tenth episode of season 25. When skinner gives all the kids a clean slate, bart believes even his own past indiscretions will be forgotten if. The amazing lego simpsons episode, brick like me, the marriage of comic book guy, homer finds out how to steal this episode, and lisa meets a mysterious new friend. Many fans see season 10 of the simpsons as the season the show jumped the shark.

Season 25 aired on september 29th, 20 with homerland as the first episode of the season. Homer simpson grampa simpson citizen solar squeakyvoiced teen krusty. Grimes meets the employees and is immediately stunned at homers lackadasial work performance and his coworkers are nonchalant about it. The simpsons married to the blob tv episode 2014 imdb. All 72 songs featured in the simpsons season 25 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. January 12, 2014 the closest thing i have to a father is the obiwan doll.

Matt selman also contributed as showrunner for the episodes heartbreak hotel, krusty the clown, the clown stays in the picture and bart vs. He then is asked to select the next republican nominee for president and officially endorses rightwing rock star ted nugent. Musicville couch gag season 25 the simpsons youtube. The tenth season of the simpsons first aired on august 23, 1998 with its first episode, lard of the dance and ended may 16, 1999 with its final episode, thirty minutes over tokyo. Like the last four, there were two editions, one with the normal box, and this. The simpsons turn into legos on the milestone 550th episode. January 12, 2014 homer offers dating advice to comic book guy when he meets a japanese manga author who catches his fancy. All 3 songs featured in the simpsons season 25 episode 10. Seuss childrens books, homer abducts bart, lisa, and maggie and rides around springfield wreaking havoc as the fat in the hat. Homer offers dating advice to comic book guy when he meets a japanese manga author who catches his fancy.

The simpsons 1989 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32. The simpsons season 25 episode 10 married to the blob airs sunday january 12, 2014 9. The simpsons season 25 episode 10 married to the blob. It premiered on the fox network in the united states on january 12, 2014. Watch the simpsons season 25 episode 10 married to the.

Their pranks get howell huser to stop smiling and he leaves town, only to turn up on the soft news network reporting that springfield is the only town hes been to that he doesnt like. Watch tv show the simpsons season 25 episode 10 married to the blob online for free in hdhigh quality. On season 28, the simpsons did a parody of ben afflecks second film as a director, 2010s the town. Principal skinner promises the students that the bestbehaved among them can take a ride in a submarine. Bart and milhouse look for someone new to play tricks on and they find their new victim in howell huser, a yokel who just fell off the turnip truck. You can use your mobile device without any trouble. Stan lee makes a special appearance on tonights episode of the simpsons as himself. Subscribeanimationonfox watch more videos from the simpsons. The twentyfourth annual simpsons halloween episode features an opening directed by guillermo del toro and the following segments. Comic book guy realizes his comics are nothing if he cant share them with anyone.

Mr burns appears to have everything, yet he secretly craves the one thing money cant buy his childhood teddy bear, bobo. The simpsons is an emmy award, annie award and peabody awardwinning animated comedy. Lisa joins a group of rich girls when she makes a friend who loves horses. The simpsons season 25 episode 10 homer goes to japan. Episode 10 married to the blob episode 11 specs and the city episode 12 diggs episode the man who. Then he meets kumiko, a japanese woman writing an autobiographical manga. Homer offers dating advice to comic book guy when he meets a japanese manga.

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