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In a period of 5 months he was decorated three times for his. I am charged to record his majestys high appreciation. Mentioned in despatches for sudan 1916 other equipment. All content is available under the open government licence v3. Some soldiers were mentioned in dispatches mid, but do not receive a.

A soldier mentioned in dispatches or despatches mid is one whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which is described the soldiers gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy. French and others, 5th december 1914 describing the battles around antwerp. An extract from the london gazette, dated, 26th sept. French battleship fs bouvet lost in dardanelles 18 march 1915 photo ships, click to enlarge on to part 3 royal navy casualties february to june 1915. He was awarded the order of the british empire commander level for valuable service in connection with the war london gazette june 3 rd july 10 th. Mons, the marne, the aisne, flanders, neuve chapelle, the second battle of ypres, loos, hohenzollern redoubt, and a complete list of the officers and men mentioned see other formats. You may also notice other officers names who have featured in this website. Ww1 reports from commandersinchief were published in the gazette, as the bearer of. How to research a mention in despatches the long, long trail. Wayne mcdonalds book provides an alphabetical listing of award winners, including nurses. Mentioned in despatches for mesopotamia london gazette 12th march 1918 page 3114.

List of london gazette issues detailing despatches, awards and casualties relating to the indian rebellion of may 1857 to june 1858. Third supplement to the london gazette of friday, the 1st of march, 1918, no. This archive contains all london gazette editions from the war years 19141920, 19391948, and all london gazette honours and awards in the 20 th century. Crisop, richard, corporal 988091, royal air force volunteer reserve mention in despatches awarded as per london gazette dated 1 october 1946. Gazette despatches, promotions and awards from the crimean war. His majesty the king has approved of the award of the military medal for bravery in the field to no. Wwii mentioned in despatches headache armed forces. These despatches were written by the commanders concerned during the war and then published later in the british government newspaper of record, the london gazette. Despatches during world war 2, submitted by commandersinchief, were published in the gazette from 1941 until 1951. London standard newspaper archives, oct 30, 1915, p.

The issue or supplement number, title and date of publication are listed below. Given this, if you are looking for the medal cards of two different people with the. London gazette editions 2886129654 august 1914july 1916. Major michael john oleary vc 29 september 1890 2 august 1961 was an irish recipient of the victoria cross, the most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to british and commonwealth forces. Here you can read more about the influenza pandemic in washington dc. Read london standard newspaper archives, oct 30, 1915, p. Mentioned in despatches for mesopotamia london gazette 21st february 1919 page 2590. First world war despatch to the war office dated 20th. Crucially, the database also contains individuals who. In its first century of print, the gazette reported foreign and shipping news and official notices. The united kingdom in the second world war despatches published in the london gazette. Bernard law montgomery served in wwi in the royal warwickshire regiment and was mentioned in.

To the left is a copy of the london gazette honours and awards supplement of 19th june 1945. Sister miss e, smithies was mentioned in a despatch from lieutenant general sir w. Sudan ww1 mid army long service medal group of 6 with. Another click of a link takes us straight to the website of the london gazette so that we can then read the. Owing to casualties this line was somewhat thinly held. When large numbers of officers or soldiers received an award, the lists can span multiple or many pages and it will require working back through the edition one page at a time to confirm the appropriate headings for the secition in which you have found the name. The british gallantry and bravery awards of the first world war. The gazette lists those women mentioned in dispatches on a.

Lady maud louisa emma cavendish was born on 20 april 1896. Search by multiple criteria to find exactly what you are looking for. Major general robert grice sturges, a veteran of ww1, commanded the special service group from august 1943. Soldiers who were mentioned in dispatches mid did not receive a medal for their. Established in 1919, it was retrospective to august 1914. Notes rank, regiment, citations with original london gazette references. Mentioned in despatches for mesopotamia london gazette 12th january 1920 page 514. Dso, 1st of january 1917, sudan medal and clasp, order of the nile 4th class on the 20th of june 1916.

British army medal index cards 19141920 the national archives. From the time of the boer war the despatches were published in the london gazette in full or in part. In 1919 army order 1661919 confirmed that individuals mentioned in despatches would receive a certificate. The london gazette, supplements august 1914 january 1920. The following announcement was written by the folks at. This is the action rod received his mentioned in dispatches for. D j p french despatch, naval mentions in despatches, 16021915. Over 81,000 records of servicemen and women mentioned in dispatches during the first world war have been added to. The mention in despatches is the most junior form of recognition that was. Search records of soldiers awards from the london gazette.

Groups with first world war medals j collins medals. Soldiers mentioned in dispatches are now available online for the first time online, leading british genealogy research website thegenealogist has released over 81,000 records of records of mentioned in dispatches from the first world war, linked to citations from the london gazette. More than 15,000 australian defence force personnel were mentioned in despatches. Antwerp reports in despatches dated 5th december 1914. The mention appeared in the london gazette, which is now online and searchable. First world war despatch to the war office dated 20th february 1918 despatch about cambrai on november and december 1917. On 9 november 1916 the 1st australian tunnelling company took over tunnelling operations under german lines near messines and safeguarded two mines, one charged with 53,000 pounds 24,000 kg of ammonal explosive and the other the caterpillar with 70,000 pounds 32,000 kg. Smith royal engineers, was published in the london gazette on 22 march 1945, as mentioned in a despatch for distinguished service. Lt colonel retired pay b d thomas, chin lushai expedition 188990, despatches london gazette 12th september 1890. This tradition continued in australia until the end of the vietnam war, but was phased out with the introduction of the australian system of honours and awards in 1975. Nurses mentioned in despatches women and the great war. Mentioned in despatches, london gazette of the 25th of october 1916. It would give details of the conduct of the military operations being carried out. Review of the landing in the dawn air raid hits 11th casualty clearing.

Indian rebellion despatches and awards the gazette. B dated 7th february 1919 for gallant and distinguished services in the field. During the first world war he served in mesopotamia and was thrice mentioned in despatches. The publication is britains oldest continuously printed newspaper. Woodward was made an acting captain on 23 october 1916. One was gazetted when one was mentioned in the london gazette for promotion. Oleary achieved his award for singlehandedly charging and destroying two german barricades defended by machine gun positions near the french village of. While a prisoner of war in japanese hands, this airmans work was of immense value to the administration of the three prison camps in which he was.

Dardanelles and gallipoli navy and army despatches. Available to diamond subscribers of the site, each transcription is accompanied by a scan of the original handwritten record, as well as a link to the official citation as it appeared in the london gazette. Individuals who are mentioned in despatches are listed in the london gazette. Dudley dixon also received an award, his second bar to his dsc. London gazette or supplement surname forenames no rank date edition page other awards macdonald charles leslie capt tmaj 4. A soldier mentioned in dispatches or despatches mid is one whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high. He was cited for his military medal, as mentioned in the supplement to the london gazette 31647 on tuesday, november 18, 1919, page 14002. They cover awards granted between about 1909 and 1931. He is mentioned in the book landers war, being hit in the side at klein zillebeke, belgium 3rd battle of ypres he refused a stretcher bearer and walked all the way back to.

Their names were published in the london gazette and also the commonwealth of australia gazette. This is the complete as at march 2014 wo 372 index to medal card entries in the national archives, as far as it relates to individuals who served with the rfc and army, and enhanced by the creation of an initials field. Even when the right page is found in the london gazette, the work may not be completed. The new records take into account the hundreds of first world war british. Thanks to mark bailey for his painstaking work to compile a list of members of 17th battalion who were mentioned in despatches and entitled to wear the oak leaf emblem on their victory medal. The london gazette was first published by king charles ii in 1665, during the plague and became the official journal of the british government. Honours and awards a tribute to some women and men who. It was not a common honour with, for example, only twentyfive out of 1,000 members of the royal newfoundland regiment in the first world war mentioned in despatches. Though not a medal, for actions during ww1, soldiers were entitled to receive a certificate and wear a decoration of a spray of oak leaves in bronze instigated in. The gallantry award medal index cards are all in wo 37223 or wo 37224. Mentioned in despatches for gallant and distinguished services in operations at suez between october and december.

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