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The world standard in telescope oculars, meade series 4000 eyepieces yield the widest possible fields of view, consistent with pinpoint edgeoffield sharpness and long eye relief and yet with extremely low astigmatism, spherical aberration, and offaxis color. Meade instruments series 4000 eyepiece for telescope with. Whether you are an advanced astroimager looking for a highend astrograph or a budding amateur astronomer, you are sure to find the right telescope with your needs and skill level. Patent office and in principal coun tries throughout the world. Meade series 4000 8mm x 24mm zoom eyepiece youtube. Skysafari 6 pro ios skysafari 6 pro android skysafari 6 plus download. Includes three meade plods eyepieces in focal lengths of 26mm, 32mm and 40mm.

Eyepieces telescopes, solar telescopes, binoculars. Those who dont wear glasses should have no problem seeing the entire field in comfort. It will work well with any telescope type, at any focal ratio. Page 1 of 3 meade 4000 super plossl posted in eyepieces.

Lx85 series telescope 8 acf meade s allnew portable power supply. Meade series 4000 2 32mm swa eyepiece cn classifieds. Choose the filter or filter set that best meet your needs and see what you have been missing. Meade series 4000 color filters permit observation and photography of planetary surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration. Popular item due to its excellent quality, value, and usefulness on nearly every model telescope sold. Opt carries a wide selection of meade instruments cuttingedge telescopes and optical tube assemblies ota. Controlling a meade etx or lx200 with stellarium and. Meade has always made exceptional eps, and this one is a bargain at this price. Table of contents improperly installed batteries void your meade warranty.

Utilizing the very latest in optical glass types, the series 4000 eyepieces represent an excellent generalpurpose eyepiece. Upon installation, please use serial number 783a36800007296416. Meade 56mm series 4000 super plossl eyepiece 2 opt. Includes a 2 90deg diagonal mirror with sctacf and 2 slip fit focus adapters, a 1.

I should add that i am a poor college student and a noob to this whole scope thing so i dont want to invest hundreds per ep yet. Also the meade 3200 lunar and planetary filter kit. Meade series 4000 2 telescope eyepiece and filter set. Get the best deals on meade binoculars and telescopes when you shop the largest online selection at. Now with meade lx200 acf 12 inch computerized telescope you can own what the professionals own.

Telescope control software software free download telescope control software top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Series 4000 super plossl meade instruments telescopes. Hi all,i was curious if the meade 4000 plossl lenses are any good. Controlling a meade telescope with stellarium requires a quick and simple hardware and software setup. Anyhow, it came with a 26mm meade series 4000 plossl. Spare parts telescopes, solar telescopes, binoculars.

This meade eyepieces are one of the few telescope eyepieces sold today that can give you a wide field of. Incorporating 7layer multicoatings and edgeblackened op. Also included is meade s autostar suite astronomer edition displaying more than 15,000 celestial wonders. Meade s dsi camera control and basic image processing software. All eyepieces are multicoated and include soft rubber eyeguards. Meade instruments 234004 star pro az 102mm refracting telescope and smart phone adapter. Meade 12 in lx200acf telescope with uhtc, series 4000 super plossl eyepiece 12106003 is a hubble for your backyard. Meade series 5000 2 enhanced diagonal mirror with sc adapter. Page 1 of 2 meade 4000 super plossl ep posted in eyepieces. This is a good quality medium to low power eyepiece for lunar observing, viewing emission and reflection nebulas in their entirety, etc. Meades dsi camera control and basic image processing software. Included with the lightbridge plus telescopes is a 3element, fully multicoated 2 series 4000 26mm eyepiece providing a 56 degree apparent field of view and an aluminum reddot viewfinder. The first video shows how to set up hardware and the second, software.

This software provides an efficient way to transfer, browse, modify and distribute digital media. Meade instruments telescopes, solar telescopes, binoculars. Starnavigator ng 102mm achromatic refractor telescope. Page 1 instruction manual ngcseries telescopes ngseries telescopes page 3.

The meade series 4000 super plossl eyepieces offer precision engineered meade optics, with wide fields, sharp images, and very satisfying views at very reasonable cost. Hello, this morning i was given a brand new, sealed in box 1998 vintage etx 90. Meade instruments 0717502 series 4000 26mm super plossl eyepiece. Lx200 and lx600 sensor control board left forkarm lx90 r. I had a 40mm, but got rid of it for this 32, and im very happy with it. Meade 12 in lx200acf telescope with uhtc, series 4000. Not something i would go out and buy, but it was free. Complete set of popular 2 items for your meade telescope. Bought the etx 125 and right out of the box i knew it had a problem. Meade binoculars and telescopes for sale in stock ebay. Meade 56mm series 4000 super plossl 2 inch eyepiece for. They are 7layer multicoated and computeroptimized for excellent correction of chromatic and spherical aberration and astigmatism, and have blackened lens edges for high contrast. User manuals, meade telescope operating guides and service manuals. Meade offers a large selection of telescopes designed to give observers high magnification views of objects through precision optics.

Complete set of the most popular accessories for your meade telescope. Meade lx200 acf advanced comafree telescopes include all. Dark yellos, light yellow, dark blue, light blue, light red, and green. Meade instruments 205005 etx125 observer telescope with. Meade supplies other telescope equipment including eyepiece and tripod accessories as well as the electronic meade. Meade qx wide angle eyepieces yield a super wide 70 degree afov apparent field of view with extreme resolution. Meade 4000 super plossl ep eyepieces cloudy nights. Is there enough difference to warrant the extra cost.

Meade lx200 acf telescopes brings advanced coma free optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Includes five meade series 4000 plossl eyepieces in focal lengths of 6mm, 9mm, mm, 18mm, and 32mm. Have had a rather large, complicated meade telescope for years and decided to get a smaller simpler one for impromptu, quick observing sessions. Includes three meade series 4000 eyepieces in focal lengths of 26mm, 32mm, and 40mm. Meade series 4000 color filters permit observation and photography of planetary surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration choose the filter or filter set that best meet your needs and see what you have been missing. I want to give the little bugger a fair chance by testing it with a decent eyepiece. Incorporating multicoated optics for optimum image contras. Meade model 928 image erecting prism for meade refracting.

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