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Selfconsolidating characteristics desired for smr modular construction facilitate rapid construction of steel plateconcrete sc beams and walls thinner and lighter modules withstands the harsh environments and mechanical loads. With a strength 10 times higher than traditional concretes, it can resist bending and can withstand major transformations such as pressure or dilation without breaking. Comparison of compressive strength standard concrete uhpc ultra high. The term includes a broad range of materials such as defectfree, dense particle, engineered composite, multiscale particle, and fiberreinforced cementitious. Nine uhpcconcrete composite slabs tested by yin et al. Special uhpc mix 10,500 psi provides the toughest concrete tread in the industry. Uhpc has several advantages over conventional concrete but the use of it is limited due to the high cost and limited design codes. Uhpc 10,500 psi light weight precast concrete treads. Concrete, ultrahigh performance concrete that has a minimum specified compressive strength of 150 mpa. Pdf mechanical properties of ultra high performance concrete. Uhpc was first developed in the early 1980s and since then has been used for applications needing exceptional strength and durability like nuclear power plants, thinprofile bridges, structural beams and seawall anchor plates. Both were initially intended to improve performances and to simplify the construction system no vibration, less or no passive reinforcement, but the price to pay is a much sharper mix design and a loss of robustness. Using innovative and new materials for foundation applications makes the aashto objective of 75 years service life achievable. Pdf synopsis ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc has evolved in the last couple of decades and it is relatively new type of concrete.

Uhpc, ballistic resistance, concrete, compressive strength. Ductal uhpc ultrahigh performance concrete cladding panel solution is designed to meet the specific requirements needed for a variety of buildings. The low watertobinder ratio wb, high binder content, the use of steel fibers, and the absence of coarse aggregate make uhpc significantly different from conventional concrete in both the. Ultrahigh performance concrete connections for prefabricated bridge elements. Caast ultrahigh performance concrete by spring valley. To achieve desired properties, uhpc is typically produced with low watercementitious materials wcm ratio i. Structures, aci manual of concrete practice part 1. Ultra light weight a honey comb core is coated with special uhpc mix to reduce weight up to 70% per square foot. Compared to conventional concrete, it has superior mechanical strength, durability and impact resistance. Applications include bridge beams and decks, solid and perforated wall panelsfacades, urban furniture, louvers, stairs, largeformat floor tiles, pipes and marine. Fifteen reinforced concrete beams are cast with honeycombs on the tension side, repaired and then tested under four pointloading. The next generation of concrete, ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc, exhibits exceptional strength and durability characteristics that make i.

Publishers pdf, also known as version of record includes final page. Impact energy absorbed by the sample of uhpc is 3 times higher than traditional hac selfcompactant concrete. Shawnessy light rail transit station, calgary, canada. Sources of the steel fibers are available in the u. Ultrahigh performance concrete advances in the science of concrete materials have led to the development of a new class of cementitious composites, namely ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc. Rehabilitation of concrete structures using ultrahigh per.

For the purposes of this document, uhpc is limited to concrete that has a minimum specified compressive strength of 22,000. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Fiber reinforcement architectural uhpc precast products are fiber reinforced with fibers having a minimum tensile strength of 140 ksi and a diameter of up to 300 microns. Performance of ultrahigh performance concrete self.

Concrete is the most widely used material in building construction. Ultrahigh performance concrete fhwa us department of. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is defined as a cementitious based composite material with compressive strengths above 150 mpa, preand postcracking tensile strengths above 5 mpa, and enhanced durability. Ultrahigh performance concrete in geotechnical and. The mechanical and durability properties of uhpc make it an ideal candidate for use in developing new solutions to pressing concerns about highway. Aci documents are requested to contact aci via the errata website at. These materials conform to the mill certificate specifications. The purpose of the workshops is to facilitate the implementation. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is a relatively new building material, which has been fabricated since 1990s. Innovative use of ultrahigh performance concrete for. Selected chapters from the german concrete yearbook are now being published in the new english betonkalender series for the benefit of an international, isbn 9783433030875 buy the ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc. Similar to selfconsolidating concrete scc, uhpc flowability. The effects of such phase transformations of constituents in uhpc on the overall mechanical response of thematerial have not been quanti.

Within the last few decades, research has been conducted on what is known as ultra high performance concrete uhpc. Ultrahighperformance concrete uhpc is a class of advanced cementitious materials with greater strength, tensile ductility, and durability properties when compared to conventional or even highperformance concrete. Our research teams have completed an environmental lifecycle analysis on three different rainscreen cladding panel solutions. First use of ultrahigh performance concrete for an innovative train station canopy by v. Characteristics of concrete linked to ballistic resistance. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is a cementitious, concrete material that has a minimum specified compressive strength of 17,000 pounds per square inch 120 mpa with specified durability, tensile ductility and toughness requirements. Ultra high performance concrete pathway to commercialization. This photo shows the casting of fluid ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc from a wheelbarrow into the void space between the top flanges of two deckbulbtee prestressed concrete girders. The facilities must include a projector, projector screen, and flip. Development of an ecofriendly ultrahigh performance. The rebar can be seen extending from the girders into the void.

Three dimensional fracture material model for ultrahigh. Concrete uhpc a new type of uhpc which features a compressive strength higher than 150 mpa. Theoretically, we are able to use it for daily applications, wherever. A brief description of the current design models for non. Environmental protection agency program helping organizations andindividuals fight climate change through superior energy efficiency. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is a new class of concrete that has superior flowability, as well as mechanical and durability properties. Mix design and performance evaluation of ultrahigh. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc connections for. Ultrahighperformance concrete american concrete institute. The dry materials in uhpc are cement, silica fume, ground quartz and silica sand. The term ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc refers to a relatively new class of advanced cementitious composite materials whose mechanical and durability properties far surpass those of conventional concrete. Uhpchss ribbed deck system uhpcfrp waffle deck system hybrid fulldepth uhpcfrp deck system can be implemented using accelerated bridge construction abc techniques to help meet the growing demand for rapid bridge rehabilitation and reconstruction across the united.

Pdf files can be viewed with the acrobat reader foreword ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is an advanced construction material that affords new opportunities for the future of the highway infrastructure. The federal highway administration has been engaged in research on the optimal uses of uhpc in the highway bridge infrastructure since 2001 through its bridge of the future initiative. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is an advanced construction material that affords new opportunities for. It sounds simple enough, but uhpc is an order of magnitude different from traditional categories of concrete. Engineering application of ultrahigh performance concrete in bridges uhpc is an advanced class of cementitious composite material composed of an optimized gradation of granular constituents, with a waterto cementitious materials ratio less than 0. Uhpc has many advantages over conventional concrete but is still in limited practice due to limited design codes and high cost. Ultra high performance concrete uhpc with a high compressive strength of. Minimum cement content 3545 mpa 45 mpa 8% 1,5 kg m2 21,5 mm 200 cm 750 mm ep 4,5j nm 350400 kg m3 a.

The term ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc refers to a relatively new. I ntroduction ultra high performance concrete uhpc is a mortar or concrete material that has. Various tests have confirmed uhpcs performance in the laboratories. Ultra high performance concrete is a modern creation that is changing the way we look at construction. First use of ultrahigh performance concrete for an. Concrete uhpc, lower watertopowder ratios and high contents of. Munaf alramahee and kevin mackie, department of civil.

Mechanical properties of ultrahigh performance concrete. Ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc is an advanced construction material that affords new opportunities for the future of the highway infrastructure. Workshop agenda illinois dot auditorium, springfield, il august 22, 2018 topic duration minutes start end 1. Design and performance verification of uhpc piles for deep. Civil engineer epfl rehabilitation of concrete structures using ultrahigh per. Box 5, 5600 mb eindhoven, the netherlands bheidelbergcement benelux, the netherlands article info article history.

It permits the construction of both more slender and more durable concrete structures with a prolonged service life and thus improved sustainability. Fresh behaviour of ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc. Concrete technology today is now available on the internet at continued on page 2 figure 1 above. While normal concrete has a strength rating in the range of 3,000 to 4,000 psi pounds per square inch, ultra high performance concrete has a strength rating many times that. Brouwersa a department of the built environment, eindhoven university of technology, p. Going to a uhpc with strength higher than 200 mpa certainly is another big step forward. The basic raw materials of uhpc are familiar to everyone who knows concrete. C 5 and c 6 are material parameters controlling the exponential shape of normal crack stressstrain diagram. Easy options buy bare or with the aluminum nosing and recyclable patented construction cover for a nohassle, codecompliant stair.

The study was carried out on an 8story reference building, with all three solutions designed to achieve the same thermal performance. How to make ultra high performance concrete hunker. Development of an ecofriendly ultrahigh performance concrete uhpc with ef. Uhpc is a class of concrete defined by its exceptionally high flexural and compressive strength. Ultra high performance concrete uhpc is a milestone in concrete technology and application.

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