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They had spent the last hour warming up inside the training facility, throwing 90mileperhour fastballs that hit the catchers mitt with lots of. When dinesh gets his second place prize money from the million dollar arm contest, he immediately buys his father a new truck for his delivery business. They had spent the last hour warming up inside the training facility, throwing 90mileperhour fastballs that hit the catchers mitt with lots of mustard and a satisfying pop. Jon hamm with his flawlessly groomed stubble and cocky grin plays the haughty sports agent bernstein with ease. The plot suggests an intriguing triple play that combines the outsideofbox. Million dollar arm touches on many of the safe at home foundations core values, such as. Bernstein i think the best thing about being a writer is the ability to move people beyond your immediate reach.

Nates golden arm as a quarterback of the middle school football team is starting to fail him, his team loses their game to the blair team. Well in this book, million dollar throw by mike lupica, nate brady brodie gets the chance to do just that. Did most people doubt that the million dollar arm reality show would work. They had spent the last hour warming up inside the. Bernstein is a amazing book that has a great story to tell. As a groomed smooth talker in sharply tailored corporate suits, there are few to match hamm and he does what is expected of him. He finds two young athletes who have never before played baseball, brings them to america and within a. Remote work advice from the largest allremote company. So in 2007, he flew to mumbai with a radar gun and a plan to find his diamond in the rough. The theme of friendship is an important one in milliondollar throw. This is when nate buys the tom brady football and enters for the chance to win a million dollars. I think this book is so great because it has an amazing story to tell about young men in india that have a chance to come to the u. According to the statistics on screen, some of the bowlers were delivering balls at 93mph and, as bernstein, 46, puts it in a memoir published to.

Did you ever dream of making a million dollar throw. It may not be comparable to remember the titans or miracle but the movie is still enjoyable. He gets his opportunity to win one million dollars during halftime of a new england patriots contest. See more ideas about million dollar arm, hk movie and disney live. Million dollar arm the increasingly globalized footprint of the american sportsentertainment machine gets a smart, entertaining closeup in a worthy addition to the disney. His idea was the million dollar arm, a reality television competition with a chance to become the first native of india to sign a contract with an. The official tiein book to disneys major motion picture, starring jon hamm. Parents need to know that million dollar arm is based on the true story of an independent sports agent and his business partner, who came up with an idea to attract indian athletes to try out for the chance to become major league baseball pitchers. Everyone calls nate brodie brady because hes a new england quarterback, just like his idol, tom brady.

How does a struggling athletic manager keep from losing his nice car and model girlfriends. Bernstein knew that he could find someone in india with a strong arm and enough raw talent to pitch in the major leagues. The book, million dollar throw is a sports book written by mike lupica. It is so gratifying to get a note from a reader who was inspired or helped by something i have written. In order to pay for the scheme, he convinces wealthy businessman chang tzi ma to create a reality show titled million dollar arm to help with his quest for fresh talent. Nate wins the chance to throw a football into a 20 inch hole at halftime of a patriots game to win a million. The book is about a year old boy that is in the eighth grade and plays football. Jon hamm is in a role that is very similar to his role as don draper in mad men. Like in the movie, the million dollar arm true story confirms that most of the people around j. In a fit of inspiration, jb believes they can go to india, find a cricket bowler, and teach him to be a baseball pitcher. The company is in serious financial straits, and they lose the big client theyve been grooming.

Million dollar arm is another disney sports movie that follows along a specific formula. Milliondollar throw the beggining of the book to the end of the book. In a way, it helps that his bernstein is cut from the same. Based on a true story, million dollar arm is a predictable motivating sport film from the disney stable. But there is a gaping hole where million dollar arm s heart should be that widens to. In million dollar throw by mike lupica, nate brodie is an 8th grade quarterback for his schools football team in valley, massachusetts. His backer insists he send dinesh and rinku back and prepare another new season of million dollar arm, but j. Nates name is drawn, and much of the novel focuses on nates anticipation of this moment, which comes at the end of the book. Their crisp white million dollar arm uniforms gleaming in the bright arizona sun, rinku and dinesh took the field. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch a very short video featuring the real j. The young boys name is nate brodie, and he has a friend named abby mccall.

My favorite sports movie, eight men out, is also based on a true story and million dollar arm is now my second favorite sports movie. Million dollar arm was released by walt disney studios home entertainment on bluray disc and dvd on october 7, 2014. Bernstein if you want a bit more info on the content. From the studio that brought you remember the titans and miracle comes million dollar arm a true inspirational story of selfdiscovery, second chances and personal triumph in the face of adversity. Singh was signed by the pittsburgh pirates organization after he won a pitching contest on a 2008 reality television show the million dollar arm. Bernstein created the million dollar arm contest in india, which yielded the first. Million dollar arm should have a respectable opening as counterprogramming and on the high end it could land in third place. Nate brodie is a thirteen year old star quarterback. Jon hamm, hq movies, movie tv, movies free, movies online, reserva india, million dollar arm, george newbern, the game book.

Million dollar throw mike lupica author sports fiction genre million dollar throw million dollar throw, revolves around the genre sports fiction. Million dollar throw by mike lupica have you ever wished you were a really good quarter back. Million dollar arm pitching contest begins tryouts in. Bernstein tells the story of how a baseball agent changed the lives of two talented young men in a pitching contest in india. That was the one thing that had ruined evelyn summers life since the start.

Million dollar arm doesnt get past first base cinapse. Choose from 252 different sets of the million dollar throw flashcards on quizlet. And now hes got a chance to win a million dollars by throwing one pass through a target at halftime in the patriots. The plot suggests an intriguing triple play that combines the outsideof box. This study guide consists of approximately 35 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of milliondollar throw. Million dollar arm by craig gillespie craig gillespie. Sometimes to win, you have to change the game bernstein, j.

In a last ditch effort to save his livelihood he concocts a. To ask other readers questions about million dollar arm, please sign up. When that sentiment is voiced, none too convincingly, in million dollar arm by jb bernstein jon hamm, a desperate. Dinesh and rinku, predictably, wilt under the pressure and unfamiliar circumstances, and the scouts dismiss j. The central tension of the novel happens when abby puts nates name into a drawing for a chance to take the million dollar throw during the halftime of the patriots game on thanksgiving day. Bernstein created the million dollar arm contest in india, which yielded the first two indian men rinku singh and dinesh patel to ever sign pro sports contracts in the us with the pittsburgh pirates. I would recommend it to anyone, even if theyre not a fan of baseball or sports in. In a lastditch effort to save his career, sports agent jb bernstein jon hamm. Rinku singh born 8 august 1988 is an indian professional wrestler and former professional baseball player currently signed with wwe and performs on their nxt brand under the ring name rinku. This book is about a kid named nate brodie and his fist clinching adventure. Nate learns important lessons in keeping promises, loyalty, friendship and overcoming obstacles. Bernstein and his two business partners at the time believed that the idea to use a tv reality show to recruit baseball players from india was absurd. Million dollar arm is an interesting read, and at times you cant help but wonder at the pathetic condition of sports in our country where everything starts with cricket, and ends with it.

Million dollar arm is the true story1 of a sports agent, jb, who goes to the previously untapped market of india to scout new baseball pitching talent. Million dollar arm prologue their crisp white million dollar arm uniforms gleaming in the bright arizona sun, rinku and dinesh took the field. It is so gratifying to get a note from a readermore i think the best thing about being a writer is the ability to move people beyond your immediate reach. With her brother being the leader of the londons eyes,growing up in a world of cruelty was something evelyn summers had to become accustomed to.

This truelife tale of the search for an indian baseball star cant bat clear of schmaltz and. Nate learns these lessons through the problems experienced by. Sports agent jb bernstein is having problems in his business. Watching a cricket game, bernstein decides to go to india and find a.

Learn the million dollar throw with free interactive flashcards. Bernstein from the farmlands of india to the fields of major league baseball, this fascinating memoir tells the story of a man who. Official synopsis for craig gilespies million dollar arm starring jon hamm. The trouble with million dollar arm is not limited to its title, which suggests a cheesy. Even more powerful than the movie, this is the most inspirational story ive read this year, without any doubt. As much as this is a baseball movie, it is equally a movie about family. I dont feel like i need to say what the million dollar arm book is about, since disney publicized the heck out of it for the movie. Craig gillespies drama million dollar arm stars jon hamm as jb bernstein, a onetime successful sports agent who left the massive company he worked for to start in his own agency, seven figures management, with his business partner aash aasif mandvi. Of course, i was in a different field, and my circumstance is not especially. In million dollar arm, baseball talent from overseas. Its clear that both dinesh and rinku love and value their families very dearly, and want whats best for them. Rahman, nick glenniesmith, jon mooney, and matt dunkley. Million dollar arm is a baseball story, based on the true story of the indian reality show of the same name.

Million dollar arm has a great mix of good acting, comedy, drama, a touch of moneyball, and a dash of romance. Bernstein born february 5, 1968 is the ceo of access group. Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it. Also, hamm is long overdue for the lead role in a feature film.

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